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Engineer and Manufacturing Recruiting Staffing Minneapolis Minnesota

Haley Behrens - Senior Engineering Recruiter

Haley Behrens

Senior Engineering Recruiter

With over 40 years in the technical recruiting business, our Minneapolis-based staff at George Konik Associates (including our owners, executive staff, and 100% of our recruiting staff) has the engineering, manufacturing and technical recruiting experience to quickly gain a deep understanding of your unique technical environment and find the right engineer talent for just about any engineering position you might need to fill both now and in the future.

 Because GKA specializes in recruiting engineering professionals…

  • For companies in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin
  • Across the majority of traditional engineering disciplines
  • From executive-level engineering positions down

…you can be assured the experienced staff at GKA can identify local engineering talent for you that will fit your unique environment, technical job requirements, and culture - and - do it more quickly and reliably than any typical generalist recruiter or generalist recruiting firm is fully capable of doing.

We know the local market of engineers

As a Minneapolis-based, Minnesota-focused engineer recruiter and staffing agency, we know the local market of engineers. Our team at GKA will find the engineers with the right engineering skills and experience that you need. We're fully capable of and specialize in the full spectrum of engineering disciplines.

  • Software Engineer Recruiting
  • Mechanical Engineer Recruiting
  • Civil Engineer Recruiting
  • Quality Assurance QA Engineer Recruiting
  • Industrial Engineer Recruiting
  • Design and CAD Engineer Recruiting
  • Controls Engineer Recruiting
  • Aerospace Engineer Recruiting
  • Biomedical Engineer Recruiting

Filling technical manufacturing positions has been a specialty at GKA since 1974! 

If you need technical manufacturing talent, no matter what industry you're in, we feel confident in saying that there is no individual recruiter or recruiting firm that has more experience filling manufacturing positions in Minneapolis than George Konik Associates. 

There's an evident and growing concern in the U.S. manufacturing sector about being able to fill high-skilled technical and engineering positions (specific to the manufacturing industry in particular) at an adequate pace to be able to achieve continued recovery and growth in the U.S. manufacturing sector. Over forty years ago, when GKA's founder, George Konik, started GKA in the staffing business, manufacturers were primarily looking for short-term skilled labor. This was at the dawn of software-driven product and manufacturing design, testing and factory-floor automation. Today, however, manufacturers are looking for highly-skilled technical labor with very specific expertise in the latest software tools, robotics technologies and the many other factory automation disciplines needed  to give them both long-term and short-term competitive advantages; whether it’s for getting higher-quality products to market faster/cheaper or to meet immediately forecasted spikes in production. 

George Konik Associates, after staffing technical manufacturing positions for over 40 years, is the absolute best source in Minnesota for:

  • Manufacturing Engineer Staffing Services
  • Manufacturing Operators Staffing Services
  • Manufacturing Technicians Staffing Services
  • Manufacturing Computer-Aided Design Staffing Services
  • Manufacturing Supervisors, Managers and Executive Leadership Staffing Services

No matter what kind of manufacturing you're engaged in! 

  • Automotive industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Computer industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Garment industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Toy industry

 Here's just a sampling of some of the types of general engineering jobs and skilled manufacturing positions we can fill for you.

VP/Director/Manager Level

Engineering/Technical Level

Engineering Management

Mechanical and Electrical Engineers

Operations Mangement

Quality Assurance Engineer

Continuous Improvement Management

Manufacturing Engineer

Software Development Management

Software Engineer

Supply Chain Manufacturing Management

Controls Engineer

Quality Assurance Management

Industrial Engineer

Mechanical Engineering Management

Design and CAD Engineers 

Electrical Engineering Management

Architectural Engineer


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