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Recruiters that Give You More

When it comes to finding a suitable engineering or technical recruiting and staffing agency, it is important that the recruiters working on your positions either have hands on industry experience or a strong technical recruiting background. As one of the leading engineering recruiting companies in the area, our team has the necessary experience to find you the most qualified resources for your business. Not only does our recruiting experience speak volumes, but we pride ourselves on providing an honest and hard working relationship with all of our candidates and clients.

Architectural And Mechanical Engineering Headhunters and Recruiters, and More!

We aggressively recruit high-caliber workers from a range of different sectors, ensuring our clients have highly skilled, experienced candidates who are ready to “hit the ground running”. We make sure any candidate we send to our clients has the skills and personal qualities they need for business success, saving you the inconvenience and cost of repeated advertising, screening, and interviewing. Since 1974, we have provided our clients with top quality candidates across a wide range of industries including Information Technology, Architecture, Technical, Engineering, Interior Design, Manufacturing, and more.

Tech Headhunters and Recruiters for High-Profile Companies

Our team has experience working with a wide range of businesses. In addition to our industry knowledge and expertise, our responsive service can be geared to provide whatever level of involvement you're looking for. Whether you own a start-up or belong to a large organization, GKA has the experience to find you top-quality resources. Call us at (952) 835-5550 to learn more about our recruiting services or send us your resume.